Industry Night at Trenchermen

Each Monday, we offer a 3 course meal for just $20 in the Trenchermen Bar. We call it 'Staff Meal' as a nod to our industry family. However, you don't have to work in restaurants to enjoy this deal!

Here's a look at next week's Staff Meal:

March, 7, 2016

choice of starter
beef tongue, apple-horseradish remoulade, pumpernickel, pickled mustard seeds
brandade croquettes, olive vinaigrette, parsley, paprika aioli
roasted beet & carrot salad, sumac, black garlic, sesame

choice of entrée 
braised beef bao, miso mustard, pickled vegetables
kung pao catfish, brown rice, kumquats, scallions, peanuts, chilies
toasted oats, jerked squash, crispy tofu, fermented black beans, almonds

choice of dessert
apple cider donut, dulce white chocolate ice cream
ice cream or sorbet